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Ana Escudero · Creative Director

Born and raised in a small city in the Canary Islands, this young designer moved away from home to broaden her horizons in the artistic department and pursue her career as a designer.

It was whilst doing her Bachelor of Fine Arts on Interior Design at the prestigious Parsons The New School for Design in Manhattan, that she had the opportunity to work at a Multi-brand footwear firm in New York City. During this period she discovered the fascinating world of shoe design and developed an immediate passion for designing women’s footwear.

Having always had an artistic background and a good eye for design and details, not to mention her life-long love for shoes, she fell in love with the infinite options possible in something so small but yet so essential on a woman’s outfit nowadays.

She earned an MA in Footwear Design at the renowned Cordwainers College in central London, where many of todays top footwear designers have attended, learning to master the creation and fabrication of shoes in a highly conceptual driven environment.

It was because of this, together with her desire of designing a commercial collection, that the brand’s aesthetic both combines unusual elements with a more classic appeal, with nothing getting in the way of her imagination and personal taste.

Wanting to create footwear for the contemporary women, she pursued her dream by going solo and launching her career on 2017 with Acerina Cecile. With the moto of the brand being “Mixing and marrying casual and luxurious makes the perfect shoe for every occasion imaginable”, she creates footwear always trying to innovate with materials and techniques that mold shoes with limitless possibilities under every eye.

The brand, as well as the designer, is characterized by its femininity, sophistication, and its sense of relaxed elegance. This translates into a product that is filled with feminine rebellion, a sophisticated urban style that is demanded by powerful and spiritually young women who step out to the world with confidence and individuality.

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Size Conversion Guide

Please note, this is an approximate size conversion guide. At Acerina Cecile we use European shoe sizes.

34 35 1 4
35 36 2 5
36 37 3 6
37 38 4 7
38 39 5 8
39 40 6 9
40 41 7 10
41 42 8 11